Saturday, June 12, 2010

Wake Of This Mourning

Drowning in sleep,
Wake of this mourning,
Wake up this morning,
Wishing it was a dream,
Sorrow overwhelming.

Pipe organs,
Sending your soul.

Wash away,
Step forward,

I'll be with you soon.

By Devin Gaughan

Monday, April 5, 2010

The Devil's Cry

This isn't exactly a piece of poetry, but the lyrics to this song from the video game Devil May Cry 3, truly appeal to me. Enjoy!

Searching for the cure for soul's demise
Read the tears of the victim's cries
You'll need more to kill the suffer of a
Brother demon that’s a purely wonder
Kill before the time, kill them all
Blast out the righteous mark
Serving justice that dwells in me.
Nothing comes as far as the eye can see
The eye can see
The eye can see
The eye can see

We are falling
the night is calling
tears inside me
calm me down

Bless me with the
leaves off of the tree
on it, I see
the freedom rain

We are falling
the night is calling
she is inside me
going down

Midnight calling
live softly, slowly
drowning with the
love we need

Bless me with the
leaves off of the tree
on it, I see
the freedom rain

Praised to my father
Blessed by the water
Black night, dark skies
The Devils cry!

Saturday, March 13, 2010


Pondering the road, and its many a fault,
Remembering the illusion, walls hidden of vault.
Confined in this existence, the world a mere delusion,
All we hold dear, is nothing but confusion.

Let go and be free, never giving a second thought,
To rid yourself of confinement, and happiness naught.
Breaks the chains of mortality, nirvana's divine ascension,
Bring forth unending bliss, the final formless dimension.

Multiplying convening joy, infinitely amplifying,
Surging with love and pleasure, no physical presence.
Soul, mind, and spirit, into the plane of omniscience,
With overwhelming delight of pure conscience.

-Devin Gaughan

Friday, February 5, 2010


Something sleeping,
inside of me,
has woken up,
like a,
Queen bee.

Demanding everything,
to heed command.
March forward,
and obey the crown.

Led to victory,
never again to frown,
winning path,
a million drums pound.

Long live the Queen.

By Devin P. Gaughan

Saturday, December 19, 2009

Storms of Faith

With wings of darkness, and crimson eyes,
The hatred swarms with battle cries.
Wielding their destruction, in weapons of faith,
The anger and condescension, a war it creates.
Between the innocent accused, and the cults of God,
His followers give Him words, and He gives them a nod?

Blood spilled at the hands of the righteous,
Screams of those born into this pain,
This God is a cruel one,
Allowing the innocent to be slain.

We weep and we stand,
For our rights and our kind,
But down you cut us,
Calling us maligned.

Give us our freedom for which we deserve,
And end the hypocrisy, your perfection unnerve.

With your God telling you we are not worthy,
And your leaders telling you we have sinned,
Give us a chance to show you our hearts,
And not be falsely condemned.

This God gave us life too,
And it is not a choice,
For if faith calls for hate,
Then why listen to this God's voice?

-Devin Gaughan

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Sunday, December 6, 2009

A Simple Midnight Walk

A simple midnight walk.
Sky like a panther's fur.
Ground so bare and gray.
Stars flickering between.
Sheer December cold and silence wrapped around the dimly blinking street lamps.
Light footsteps echo through the fog.

Wandering with no destination, no thoughts, and no intentions.
Clearing thoughts, and taking in the silence.
Meditating with movement, step by step through the endless night.
Calming, relaxing, no thoughts.

Feeling the presence of earth, time, space, and energy.
Fusing soul and spirit.
Dancing lights, intertwining their infinite strands of life and mind.
Weaving enlightenment.
Understanding true peace.

A simple midnight walk.
Meditation of this generation.
Solid ground, no distractions around.
Cold air nipping at your skin through your clothes.
Senses rendered useless.
Nothing but clear mind.


-Devin Gaughan

Tuesday, December 1, 2009

You are You

A night with no stars, a morning with no sun.
Storms without clouds, and life without fun.

Everything has something, to make it what it is.
A Woman has her compassion, and a Man's pride is his.

The relation we give, to what makes you, you...
Is just another thing, that makes you, too.

A night with no stars, a morning with no sun.
Storms without clouds, and life without fun.

We're all special, with that something unique,
A tree's many rings, or a river's small creeks.

       -Devin Gaughan